You can save almost 60 euros with free games

You can save almost 60 euros with free games

from Oliver Jaeger
From November 16th the rotation of free games in the Epic Games Store will begin again. Instead of one there are still two free games with which interested parties can once again save quite a bit of money. The titles cost 29 and 30 euros respectively, so the player will have almost 60 euros left if he takes advantage of this offer.

Two games will be available in the Epic Games Store next week, which can then be obtained for free on the distribution platform for seven days. Currently it is the survival horror Golden Light, which will later be replaced by a post-apocalyptic strategy simulation and a JRPG. Specifically, these are Surviving the Aftermath and Earthlock, which will arrive on the Epic Games Store as free games on November 16th at 5pm. So you can save almost 60 euros.

Surviving the Aftermath: disaster-proof colonies in the post-apocalypse

Just like Cities: Skylines 2, which released a few weeks ago, Surviving the Aftermath comes from publisher Paradox Interactive. Iceflake Studios was responsible for the development of the nearly two-year-old game. The setting of Surviving the Aftermath is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the player finds a devastated civilization. The task now, within the strategic city-building simulation, is to colonize the world again – and to do so in a disaster-proof way.

Surviving the Aftermath: Steam release date announced

True to the genre, the main features are exploring an automatically generated world, obtaining resources and, of course, building a colony. Surviving the Aftermath is not only available on the Epic Games Store, but also on Steam. We have received over 2,500 user reviews, 73% of which are positive.

Epic Games Store: Very popular survival horror now free

Earthlock – “True fans of the JRPG genre will love it”

Earthlock was released in spring 2018, already on Steam and from next week also on the Epic Games Store. Earthlock is a turn-based fantasy RPG said to be inspired by the classic 3D RPGs of the late 1990s. “True fans of the JRPG genre will love it,” at least that’s what the developers promise on the Steam product page. You can probably tell, because Steam player approval is 76%. So the developers and publishers of Snowcastle Games don’t have to worry about being accused of lying.

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Earthlock is set in the world of Umbra, a beautiful and mysterious planet where life is harsh. The player should have an “unparalleled” selection of characters at his disposal. Once this is achieved, the player must join the desert treasure hunter Amon, for whom the adventure of his life begins. Earthlock, on the other hand, costs one euro less than Surviving the Aftermath. With both games together, interested parties can save almost 60 euros with the Epic Games free week.

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