YouTube specials fail: production reacts

Fritz Meinecke is also at the beginning of the third season of “7 vs. Wild”.Image: Amazon


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The third season of “7 vs. Wild” brings with it several changes: the episodes initially appear exclusively on Freevee, the release on YouTube begins only a month later. Until then, there will be no reaction clips from major streamers, which is causing a lot of frustration among fans.

After all: in parallel with the publication on Freevee, behind-the-scenes videos appear on YouTube. These extras were extremely well received in seasons one and two. But now at this point there is also criticism of the production. The “7 vs. Wild” has now responded with a comment on YouTube.

“7 vs. Wild”: fans dissatisfied with additional content

The now third behind-the-scenes video tells the very first vision of the location. Among other things, it is revealed that Canada was already shortlisted for the second season. In the end, however, they decided on Panama because the landscape contrast there with Sweden, where the first season took place, was greater.

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Apart from this, YouTube highlights those celebrities who were asked to appear in the third season but refused. The team received a basket from MontanaBlack, Joko and Klaas, among others.

The problem from the perspective of some fans: The entire preparation is already known to many who follow the show and its surroundings. As a result, the added value of the episode is questioned. Numerous people on Reddit also note that the behind-the-scenes series on season three has generally been very disappointing so far. A fan complains:

“At one point I wondered when new and interesting things would start and, bang, the episode was already over.”

The “7 vs. Wild” team explains YouTube’s strategy

What is particularly striking to fans is that the history of the YouTube clips does not even reach the moment when the teams were released into the wild. But there is a special reason for this, which is related to the new episode release strategy at Freevee.

This means that spoilers should be avoided for those who don’t want to watch season three until it starts on YouTube at the end of November. “We can reassure you: the behind the scenes will not give you any spoilers, even if you will only start the series on YouTube on November 29th,” the series’ official Instagram channel read in early November. .

The negative consequence, however, is that many fans have thus far dismissed the behind-the-scenes material as boring and complained that there were almost no new insights and knowledge about the show. Another person on Reddit says:

“This will completely empty BTS. Then they should have waited to release it and have it coincide with the YouTube launch. So obviously they had to make it longer because the episodes don’t end up on YouTube a week later.”

Ultimately, these are criticisms of Amazon’s deal. With a comment on YouTube, the production tries to reassure fans with another clarification. He says: “BTS follows YouTube history. This is often forgotten. We listen to your criticisms. But sometimes you just have to wait.“So there is still hope that the behind-the-scenes videos will be much more exciting when the season starts on YouTube.

The show begins with the revelation of a new and final clue about the million dollar treasure. Joko and Klaas started the crazy campaign the previous week and presented new puzzles every day until Tuesday. During “Joko & Klaas vs. ProSieben”, a live stream of the million-dollar suitcase, which is entrusted to Joko, is continually shown.

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